5 Ways to Spend Your Winter Vacation in Maine

So, whether you are visiting Maine for a winter vacation or you are looking for things to do during your kid’s winter vacation from school, Maine has plenty of activities to fill your days. Here’s a great list of activities that are fun for the whole family!

1. Ski/snowshoe/cross country: This is a great way to get out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors. Yes, it’s cold. But, when you start snowshoeing or cross country skiing you will soon be very warm as it’s a fantastic workout and a great way to take in the winter scenery. There are plenty of ski mountains, trails, fields, frozen lakes and state parks that are perfect for anyone of these activities.

2.  Ice Skating:Maine’s lakes and mountains region has plenty of amazingly beautiful and iced over lakes to choose from in the winter. You can also visit local community centers, many of which provide ice skating for the public. Chambers of Commerce can provide information on ice safety.

3.  Dog Sledding: That’s right; dog sledding isn’t just for those people who are in Alaska or the Arctic. Maine has plenty of snow and this activity is quite an experience. There are several dog sledding companies in the area, Rangeley Region Sleddog Adventures, Sunday River Outdoor Center, the Telemark Inn and Winter Journeys to name a few, are in Western Maine’s Lakes and Mountains region.

4.  Snowmobiling: One of Maine’s most popular activities! With hundreds of thousands of people participating in this activity, it’s a fun way to cover a lot of ground and take in Maine’s forests, mountainsides and frozen lakes.

5. Snow Tubing:We’ve all gone sledding before, but snow tubing offers a new and sometimes a bit more extreme experience. There are several snow tubing parks in Maine all offering different level trails to sled down and a lift service to drag you and your tube back up the hill! Check out these local snow tubing facilities; Seacoast Snow Park in Windham, Oxford Plains Snow Tubing Park, also ski resorts, Sunday River and Sugarloaf offer snow tubing for kids!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and have some fun on your winter vacation! What’s your favorite activity?

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