Top 8 Waterfalls to Visit In Maine | Western Maine Waterfalls

Dunn Falls Waterfall MaineMaine’s waterfalls offer amazing beauty – below you’ll find some of our favorites in Western Maine.

Maine offers an amazing array of natural beauty from its beautiful rocky coast to its gorgeous lakes and mountains. And, though, Maine isn’t particularly known for waterfalls, Maine’s waterfalls are nothing to scoff at.  Maine offers spectacular scenery and these waterfalls are no exception. Many of these awe-inspiring waterfalls can be found while hiking through Maine’s State Parks and  - mountains. Below is a list of some must visit waterfalls in Western Maine.

1.  Dunn Falls: Located in Oxford County Maine. This is an almost 80 foot vertical drop, and is one of Maine’s most amazing waterfalls. As part of the Appalachian Trail, the hike itself is moderately difficult and offers plenty of exploring. Hike time is about 90 minutes.

2.  The Cataracts: Located in Oxford County Maine. The Cataracts waterfalls can be accessed via an easy 20-minute hike. The best time to visit is May to October as the warmer months are great for swimming, even though the water is always a bit chilly. In low water conditions, people can be seen using this as a natural waterslide. So cool! There are many plunges that consist of a total of 100 feet. In the summer, the water is a bit lighter, so you are able to explore caves near the waterfall.

3.  Angel Falls: Located in Township D, Maine in Franklin County. With a short 30-minute hike on an easy to moderate trail you can find these gorgeous falls. These falls look like they are right out of a book, with a 90-foot plunge that is an amazing sight to see.

4.  Screw Auger Falls: Grafton Township, Maine, in Grafton Notch State Park. Though this is in Grafton Notch State Park, which is well known for some great hiking, this particular waterfall doesn’t require a hike. Which may or may not be the reason behind it being Maine’s most heavily visited waterfall. There are wading pool areas, and a giant gorge that you can explore and see the waterfall from different areas. It’s a fabulous place to have a picnic and safe for kids and dogs to run around, as there are barriers/gates blocking off dangerous areas.

5.  Kees Falls: Batchelder’s Grant, Maine. Located in the White Mountain National Forest, this waterfall is about an hour’s hike on an easy to moderate trail. The hiking trail offers plenty of waterfalls that you might confuse with Kees Falls, so note that it’s found at the third river crossing on the Caribou Trail. If you continue on the trail, it will lead you to the summit of Caribou Mountain. 

6.  Mad River Falls: Batchelder’s Grant, Maine. Like Kees Falls, this waterfall is also part of the White Mountain National Forest. You will reach these falls after a 50 minute easy to moderate hike. These falls have a 100-foot total drop but it is hard to see the falls completely, as they are covered with trees and getting too close is too dangerous.  The great thing about Mad River Falls, however, is that it is very close to other waterfalls such as Rattlesnake Falls, so you can make a day of checking out different waterfalls.

7.  Rattlesnake Flume and Pool: Located in Stoneham, Maine, it’s about a 35-minute hike to get to this waterfall. The waterfall itself isn’t huge, the first flume is a 10-foot drop and after that some shorter falls. However, the coolest part about this waterfall is the small pool below (Rattlesnake Pool), which is great for swimming and has cool teal colored water. People have been coming from all over the U.S. for years to swim in this small pool because of its unique color and romantic setting. This waterfall is actually located on private property but has been kept open to the public. Make sure that you abide by the signs and stick to the CTA trails as to not trespass.

8.  Step Falls: Located in Newry, Maine, Step Falls is on the border of Grafton Notch State Park. Step Falls in one of the tallest falls in Maine. It offers lots of shallow pools to wade in as well as many deeper pools that you can actually swim in. The best time to visit according to New England Waterfalls is between May and October.

Interested in visiting more Maine Waterfalls? Check out this map of Maine waterfalls; also check out Waterfalls of Western Maine for more information on these waterfalls and hiking trails leading to them.

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